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About Propeller Logistics


Providing Personal, Group, Short & Long Distance Transportation Services In Your Area

Propeller Logistics Corporation (PLC) is an independent logistics service provider that offers a comprehensive suite of sophisticated logistics solutions. We’re dedicated to helping you develop powerful, efficient and effective supply chains that will enhance and create opportunities for your business.

Our mature global network enables us to provide truly seamless door-to-door transportation services whenever and wherever you are needed. With our highly-trained staff and trusted partners in many countries worldwide, PLC can provide full-service support throughout every step of the supply chain.

The Highest Quality In The Industry


Propeller Logistics Corporation is a leader in providing the right solutions for any logistics function, whether it’s big or small, simple or complex. When you choose PLC, you can rest assured that our highly-trained staff is fully committed to doing everything it takes to add value to your business. We will help you to save the time, reduce the cost effectively, keep the cargoes safe and sound, increase your prestage and brand name in the your industry

Mission Statement

PLC Vietnam’s mission is to bring true value and tangible results to our customers’ supply chains through the use of cutting-edge technology, innovative engineering and dynamic solutions – all delivered by our motivated, dedicated team of employees and management. By adhering to only the highest standards, we aim to strengthen our brand as one of the recognized and respected leaders in the transport and logistics industry in Vietnam.