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Customs Brokerage Services

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Customs Brokerage Services Portfolio


  • Import and Export Declaration Filing: Customs declarations to process the import/export of goods.
  • Security Filing: Advance notification to authorities in importing countries consisting of critical information for security screening. 
  • Duties & Taxes Advancement: Facilitation of the payment of customs duties and taxes on behalf of the customer.
  • Other Government Agency Services: Service to ensure the clearance of goods through other government agencies, e.g. Ministry of Health, Department of Agriculture.
  • In-Transit Movement: Management of the customs formalities for goods moving through one customs territory into another or transportation of uncleared shipments within one customs territory.
  • Permits and Licensing Application Services: Providing support to obtain special licenses and permits.
  • Additional Services: Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), Bonded Warehouse, Duty Drawback Processing, Fiscal Representation, Excise Duty Handling, and many other services.

Customs and Trade Consulting Services Portfolio


  • Customs Management: Global Customs Management Program to coordinate the customs activities in various countries or support specialized services.
  • Regulatory Interpretation & Consultation: Interpretation and Consultation e.g. Tariff Classification Services; Tariff Engineering and Duty Optimization, Binding Rulings; Prior Disclosures and Penalty Avoidance; Administrative Appeal Support and Representation; Appeals, Petitions & Protests; Import/Export Licenses and Quotas.
  • Compliance Assessment & Audits: Customs Compliance Assessments and Audits; Development of Internal Compliance Manuals; Documentation and Recordkeeping Requirements.
  • Customs Training & Education: Support the knowledge base development by various training programs and information services e.g. On Site Training; Seminars; Periodic Information Bulletins and White Papers.
  • Duty & Tax Programs: Management of duties and taxes programs, e.g. Duty Drawback; Trade Agreement and Preferential Treatment Qualifications; Duty Optimization Planning, Audits and Refunds; Tariff Concession Order Applications and Representation; Foreign Trade Zone Consulting and Support.
  • On-Site Resources (Secondment): We provide highly experienced on-site staff to support in different areas of the customs clearance process, e.g. filing of customs declarations, goods classification, and other customs activities.

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