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Ocean to Ocean

When it comes to ocean freight, we furnish a wide range of services for both FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load) shipments, including importer’s consolidation. All services are operated by PLC’s dedicated team of specialists who are forged in the hardest environment of the shipping and logistics industry, so you can be rest assured your cargo’s in a skillfull & solid hands. Enhanced by our titan scale of economy, we can easily procure the good deals with liners and partners about fastest sailing schedules, tariffs, allocation or guaranteed space even in peak seasons for different dominant service scopes worldwide.

FCL – Full Container Load

Full container loads provided by PLC ensure a reliable, safe and cost-efficient transportation from door to door globally. By using various equipment types we offer tailored solutions for all kinds of commodities.

  • Capacity and space protection from and to all major ports globally
  • Shipments covered by our own Bills of Lading
  • A huge variety of pick-up and delivery options in any country
  • Rigorous vendor selection and quality management process
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Flexitank for non-hazardous liquid transportation
  • Dedicated customs experts throughout the PLC network

LCL – Less Than Container Load

Operating our own LCL network globally, we serve more than 38,000 point pairs with around 1,500 scheduled direct sailings per week, to and from all major ports and inland points. 
Managed from end-to-end with our own network experts ensures predictability in our Customers supply chains, keeping deadlines, and promises towards the end Customer.

  • Planned space protection from every major container port in the world
  • More direct services, cutting transit times to a minimum, and avoiding transshipment and double handling
  • Cargo is handled and checked in our own/approved warehouses at all locations
  • A huge variety of pick-up and delivery options
  • Scheduled and guaranteed – ‘Shipped as Booked’
  • Our services are provided by over 4,000 trained Ocean Freight specialists in more than 280 locations
  • Containers are controlled and monitored from loading to arrival
  • Dedicated customs experts throughout the PLC network



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