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To help you simplify your processes, enhance productivity and increase efficiency, PLC provides a wide variety of supply chain solutions for both upstream and downstream flows, as well as purchase order management. No matter what industries you do business with, we most certainly have the expertise and experience to tailor our services to meet your specific needs

What we do

 Good process leads to real results. With Supply Chain Solutions, we combine a process-driven approach with action to deliver measurable business value. So you can be more efficient. Leaner. More agile. So you can free up cash flow. Save money. Deliver smarter.


Unlock the potential of your company. With the right supply chain strategy, you can realize savings, operate more efficiently and be more competitive.

Supply Chain Management

At Supply Chain Solutions, we marry business process, technology and your company culture to develop strategies and a plan so you can implement business improvements that get near-term and long-term results.

Transportation Management

Whether shipping by road, air, sea or rail, customer service needs to hum. Supply Chain Solutions brings together the experience, the capabilities, the resources and financial stability of a leading global logistics provider coupled with personalized service and a focus on delivering bottom line savings.

Lean Materials Management

Taking the waste out of the supply chain can lead to amazing cost savings and efficiency improvements. Simply put, we help you streamline the flow of your materials.

Distribution Management

Accurate and efficient distribution management systems are critical to the success of your supply chain. At Supply Chain Solutions, we help you harness the power of lean principles to drive business value.

Strategic Sourcing

To be a global company, you need to source globally. Supply Chain Solutions makes sense of how, when and where to buy the components you need to deliver your product to its final destination.

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